5 minutes fixes for better health!

Posted by Dr.Tanushree (PT) on Mar 28, 2019 8:00:00 AM

Taking on a new health regime can be daunting. Try to focus on small tasks that won't overwhelm you. The more you do, the better you’ll feel!

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1. Challenge your brain

You can challenge your brain in five minutes by doing something new. This encourages new brain cell connections, which can help protect your memory and thinking skills.


1. Use a free app on your smartphone that teaches you new words /language.
2. Listen to a new kind of music.
3. Take a new route to get where you need to go.

2. Stay connected

Socializing wards off loneliness and isolation which are associated with declining thinking skills, depression, heart attack, stroke and early death.
Take five minutes to stay connected each day.


Call a friend/ loved one and plan a longer visit soon — lunch, movie or a walk.

3. Protect your skin

Rough, dry, thin skin is prone to tears and infection that are hard to heal. These risks can be reduced by rebuilding the skin's moisture barrier (with an oil-based cream).


Moisturizing is most effective after a shower or bath. Keep moisturizer handy and slather it on after you've patted your skin dry.

4. Get more sleep

Inadequate sleep is a risk factor for obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and even premature death.


1. Take a few minutes to come up with a daily sleep schedule. Going to sleep and waking up at the same time each day anchors your circadian rhythm, the body's way of regulating when you get tired and when you naturally wake up.
2. Spend five minutes reading, meditating to calm your body before bed.

5. Do some cleaning

Remove items in your cabinets that may pose a risk to health especially expired supplements or medications. Place them in a sealed plastic bag before throwing them away.


Get rid of junk foods (chips, cookies, and other processed foods).

6. Meditate everyday

It's a great stress reliever that helps lower blood pressure, decrease pain and ease depression.


Spend five minutes sitting quietly, focusing on breathing. You can even meditate throughout the day.

7. Exercise more

Doing something rather than nothing, even small bursts of activity like walking up a few flights of stairs leads to measurable health benefits.


1. If scheduling a big workout is daunting, put a simple five-minute workout on your to-do list: march in place, do some leg lifts, and do biceps curls with a couple of soup cans.
2. Make it a habit to stand up "twice"-- each time you stand up, sit back down and then get back up. This helps strengthen your legs, abdominals, and hip muscles.
3. When you brush your teeth, suck in your lower gut for 30 seconds, which activates your abdominal muscles and helps strengthen them.

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