What is Yoga & how can it change our life?

Posted by Santosh Kumar Menon on Dec 31, 2018 11:30:25 AM

The word Yoga comes from the Sanskrit root Yug meaning etymologically connecting, uniting. It is an ancient philosophy that proposes to its practitioners a healthy and correct way of life, teaching to explore and to develop the physical, energetic, emotional and mental capacities that we all have. Yoga teaches us in a practical way a path to be traveled towards the fullness of our being.


When we deeply experience Yoga, we discover that we have everything within us that we need to enjoy a happy and fulfilling life. Those who practice with correctness, regularity, and enthusiasm discover that it is possible to have an intense life, full of vigor, and at the same time replete with tranquility and balance.

As a practical philosophy of life, Yoga develops a greater awareness and understanding of ourselves. This knowledge allows us a more conscious connection with everything around us, highlighting the need to be more and more in solidarity with human beings and with all living beings.

That growing dissemination corresponds to several medical and scientific studies have demonstrated their extraordinary virtues in the prevention and maintenance of physical and mental health.

It is recognized that the practices of Yoga act in a salutary way on the various areas of our physical and psychic body, leading to its development in a way that often goes well beyond the common concept of physical health.

Although its highest goals transcend physical well-being to a large extent, we are aware of the importance of this area in all of our lives, so we briefly outline some of the benefits of regular practice.

  • It works the muscular system at the level of tonicity and flexibility, preparing it to support all day-to-day activities with vigor and energy.
  • It acts on the skeletal and articular system, strengthening or recovering the resistance and mobility of these structures essential for a long active life.
  • It consolidates and harmonizes the proper functioning of the whole network of the nervous system, fundamental in the action of other systems of the organism. Help contain stress and overcome depressive symptoms as well as sleep disturbances.
  • It stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation while allowing an excellent distribution of energy throughout the body and a greater capacity to eliminate toxins. It stimulates the body's defenses and gives the immune system the ability to fight effectively against external aggression's.
  • It acts intensely on the organs stimulating them through various physical and mental practices to exert their functions generously, promoting the re-balancing of their functioning if for some reason they are affected.
  • Respiratory techniques regulate the proper functioning of the airways, guarantee the maximum absorption of oxygen and reciprocal expulsion of impurities from the body, providing an excellent distribution of this energy by the cells of the organism.
  • Increases and regulates the action of the endocrine glands, responsible for the healthy growth of children and young people and the psycho-physical balance of adults and seniors.
  • It enables an extraordinary connection between the body and the mind, allowing in this way a broad sense of our physical and emotional needs. The application of a positive philosophy in daily life and the use of specific techniques that are part of Yoga stimulates joy and contentment, allowing us to overcome emotional difficulties sometimes rooted for many years. They thus greatly reduce many of the major difficulties in our lives (sometimes causing physical disturbances), which have their origin precisely in that area.

It teaches us above all a set of principles of ethical conduct, a way of being in life with quality, integrity, and joy. It points out paths of disciplined and attentive freedom which culminate in the goal which is also a final experience of Yoga - the Samadhi - Supreme Meditation. The application of Yoga disciplines and techniques increasingly extends the conscious awareness of the grandeur of Being and the connection to the Cosmos of which we are part, allows us to discern our authentic dimension, made of EXISTENCE-CONSCIOUSNESS-BLISS (Sat-Chit-Ananda).

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