Role of the workplace in mental health

Posted by Asha Saju on May 30, 2019 8:00:00 AM

"Mental health awareness means that we are not only acknowledging that mental health is important, but we are talking about it, putting it out there so that people who feel too much can get the help they need too."

- Jessica Hull

Role of the workplace in MENTAL HEALTH-Blog


Clearly promoting workplace mental health can be challenging but sticking with it can provide quantifiable benefits from better employee engagement to increased productivity. Work is good for mental health, but a negative working environment can lead to physical and mental health problems.

It is often presumed that employee’s mental illness develops outside of workplace. However, an employee may develop mental illness prior to employment or during employment.


A healthy workplace can be described as one where employees and managers actively contribute to the working environment by promoting & protecting the health, safety & well-being of all employees.


Because of stigma associated with mental disorders, employees need to ensure that individuals feel supported & able to ask for support in continuing with work and are provided with necessary resources to do their job.


One of the major contributors to mental illness is a feeling of excessive stress. Stress can be very subjective so what one person may find to be stressful may not affect or be relevant to the next person.


Recognizing & promoting mental health is an essential part of creating a safe & healthy workplace. Importantly managers & employees both have an equal responsibility in building a safe work environment.

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