Workplace Hazards

Posted by Dr.Tanushree (PT) on Apr 18, 2019 8:00:00 AM

Before you become an afterthought, make safety your first thought! No Workplace is immune from hazards. Ergonomic related Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) account for 33% of all employee injury and illness cases.


Workplace Hazards Blog

Every workplace has hazards.

HAZARDS: Things that do harm 
RISKS: Likelihood of injury
PRECAUTIONS: Control measures

When you are aware of possible hazards it increases productivity at work, prevents illness, reduces days off and save lives.

There are many types of workplaces hazards. Below are the main categories:

1. Safety/Physical: It is the most common workplace hazards. These are unsafe working conditions that cause injury or even death.

    Ex: Slippery floors, trips, falls, working in extreme heat or cold, loud noise, fire, electric hazards, misused machinery and confined spaces.

2. Ergonomics: Science of designing the workplace keeping in mind limitations of the employee so that they can work safely.

    Ergonomic hazards are the physical factors that harm the musculoskeletal system like repetitive movement, manual handing and poor body positioning and workstation design.

3. Chemical: Occupational hazard caused by exposure to chemicals like gases, dusts, fumes, and liquids, pesticides, fumes and acids.

4. Biological: Any risk that comes from the biosphere can be considered biological hazards.

    Ex: Bacteria, virus, fungi, parasites, plants, animals and humans are the common sources.

5. Psychological: Shiftwork, workload, dealing with the public, harassment, discrimination, threat of danger, constant low-level noise.

Stress been the most common.

It is important to know how to identify common workplace as many employees are regularly exposed to hazardous substances at workplace.

Simple steps to prevent workplace hazards are:

1. Identifying the hazard
2. Determining how employees might be at risk
3. Evaluating the risk
4. Taking necessary precaution

“It is better to be CAREFUL 100 times than get KILLED at once”

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